整个国家, businesses are generating solar energy to manage their operations costs and be more sustainable. 能源信托公司的技术支持让这变得容易, 有价值的奖励和推荐给合格的当地承包商. 能源信任激励, tax credits and accelerated depreciation could offset up to 50% of system costs.

Expert advice from a solar trade ally contractor is the best way to learn if solar energy makes sense for your facility.

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  1. 建立你的资格.

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    You must be an Oregon business customer of 波特兰通用电气 or 太平洋大国 and working with an approved Energy Trust solar trade ally contractor to be eligible for incentives.

  2. 从几个能源信托太阳能贸易盟友承包商得到建议.

    Systems must be installed by an approved Energy Trust solar trade ally contractor. 自安装系统不符合条件. We recommend that you get two or more bids so that you can compare and make the best choice for your business.

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  3. 选择您的安装程序.

    Once you receive proposals from two or more contractors, the choices is yours—for some tips 请参阅我们关于选择太阳能贸易盟友和比较报价的常见问题解答. Your contractor will handle all the paperwork for your system, prior to installation. You may opt to receive your Energy Trust incentive directly or have it paid to your contractor.

  4. 让专业人员安装和验证您的系统.

    Energy Trust helps protect your investment by reviewing the plans for your system before construction. Once it’s complete, we also verify that it met our rigorous technical standards. In many cases, we will stop by in person to verify your system was installed properly.

  5. 能源信托会寄给你奖励支票.

    支票会给你或你的承包商, 取决于你在奖励申请中选择的选项.

  6. 当你报税时申请联邦能源税收抵免.

    完成 IRSbetvlctor网页版能源投资税收抵免表 和联邦纳税申报单一起提交.


Energy Trust offers cash incentives that reduce the upfront cost of solar installations. The incentive amount depends on the size of your system and your electric utility. 激励s are subject to funding availability and may change at any time. 与承包商确认.

激励 需求
波特兰通用电气 35000美元的马克斯.

$0.45 – $0.20瓦特/ *

项目规模上限:400kw - dc

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太平洋大国 20000美元的马克斯.

$0.20 /瓦特

项目规模上限:100kw - dc



税收抵免是一美元一美元地减少你所欠的所得税. The federal government offers a corporate tax credit and a special depreciation schedule for businesses that install solar energy systems. Nonprofit organizations and public entities are generally not able to use these benefits because they do not pay taxes.

Consult your tax professional to learn how tax credits and rules may apply to you. This information does not constitute tax advice and cannot be used to avoid tax penalties.

联邦投资税收抵免: Covers 26% of the cost of a solar electric system installed by December 31, 2022. 视图 关于如何申请税收抵免的要求和信息.

联邦加速折旧: Allows businesses to depreciate the cost of a solar electric system following the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System. This can provide a tax deduction benefit that offsets up to 25% of the cost. 查看折旧表.


Businesses have three basic options for financing a solar project: purchasing it with cash or a loan, leasing or purchasing the electricity through a solar power purchase agreement.

Other financing solutions such as community solar funding or Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs are still evolving and aren’t readily available in our market.


如果你有资金的话, paying for a solar project with cash will typically provide the highest return on investment and the quickest payback. 太阳能承包商可以 给你一个建议 with specific figures, but it’s not uncommon to achieve payback within 5 to 10 years.

作为系统的所有者, 你将有资格获得能源信托的现金奖励, 哪个项目占一个典型项目的15%.

如果你是一家营利性企业,你也可以申请 联邦投资税收抵免 还有税收减免 改进的加速成本回收系统. 在一起, an Energy Trust incentive and the tax benefits can lower the cost of the project by up to 50%.

These same advantages apply if you use a business loan to pay for some or all of your system. There are a number of lenders that offer financing specifically for solar.


另一个选择是使用租赁安装一个太阳能系统. With some lease arrangements, there is little or no upfront cost to the business hosting the system. There are two common types of commercial solar leases: a capital lease and an operating lease.

A capital lease is similar to a long-term loan but it has a small buyout payment at the end of the term (often one dollar). You claim the incentives, the tax benefits and the energy savings from the electricity.

根据经营租赁, 有时也被称为真正的税收租赁, 租赁方实际上拥有太阳能电力系统. You pay a monthly payment to the lessor in exchange for receiving the electricity and utility bill savings from the system. The lessor generally receives the Energy Trust incentive and claims the tax benefits. 在学期末, 可以选择续订租约, 以公平的市场价值购买系统或删除系统.


根据电力购买协议(PPA), 太阳能服务提供商购买, 安装, 拥有并维护太阳能电力系统. They provide any necessary financing and receive the incentives and tax benefits for which the project qualifies. 作为交换, you purchase the electricity produced by the system for the duration of the agreement, 通常在俄勒冈州待20年. 太阳能服务提供商支付设备费用, 系统的安装和最必要的维护.

The rate you pay for the solar electricity may be less than your current electricity rate. You benefit from slightly reduced utility costs (if your solar PPA rate is less than you utility rate) for the duration of the agreement. 在学期末, 您可以选择删除系统, 续签协议或购买系统.

Your solar electric system produces betvlctor伟德网页版 Certificates as well as green electricity. These betvlctor伟德网页版 Certificates are owned by whomever owns the system, 无论是你,还是一个出租人或太阳能服务提供商. 读 这一事实表 浏览更多有关betvlctor伟德网页版证书的资料.